Known Mass No. 1

June 20-21, 2014
Marigny Opera House (725 St. Ferdinand)
$20 general admission/$10 students & seniors

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Directed by Ann Glaviano
Music by Jasper den Hartigh
Choreography by Gretchen Erickson, Michaela Cannon, Coco Loupe, Melissa Erin Strain
Dancers: Ann Glaviano, Melissa Erin Strain, Marion Spencer, Monica Mata Gilliam, Saskia Hofman
Musicians: Jasper den Hartigh,  Matt Carney, Melissa Guion, Maria Browne, Clayton  Hunt, Chris Stein, Anya Groner

A collaborative project between local musicians and dancers, KNOWN MASS is a non-narrative work exploring the dynamics of sound and movement and celebrating gravity: the force of attraction that exists between all physical bodies. The score, composed for the project by Jasper den Hartigh (Heat Dust), uses guitars, cello, violin, vocal harmony, unconventional percussion, and sample loops to build lush noise-scapes. In their response to the musicians, the dancers draw from contemporary and classical vocabulary, as well as a contact-improvisation practice. Both the musicians and the dancers perform a combination of set and improvised work. The project is aesthetically and ethically motivated by devised theatre and DIY punk traditions.

Participating musicians and dancers have performed with the New Orleans Ballet Theatre, Of Moving Colors, Tsunami, Brother/Ghost, Leaving, and Bloody Mummers, among many others.