Known Mass No. 4, “The Missalettes” (2022)

& Mxalettes

Take yourself on a walk
in, with, or alongside
a fantasy Mardi Gras dance team

Parade Edit: One-hour playlist
Deluxxxe Edit: Three-hour playlist





Known Mass No. 4, “The Missalettes & Mxalettes”

A Mardi Gras dance team parade fantasy
Durational site-specific strolling dance
In the streets of the Marigny and Bywater
Saturday, February 26, 2022, 12-1pm

Directed by Ann Glaviano

Co-choreographed and performed by
Kylie Arceneaux
Marlo Barrera
Elle Ciccarone
Lizzie Collins
Emily Conelly
Lori Maxwell Crosthwait
Joanna Farley
Rebecca Farley
Ann Glaviano
Rhi Jade
Reese Johanson
Katie Labadie
Ashley O’Neill
Shannon Stewart
Brittney Williams

Playlist contributors:
Catherine Baines
Jonie Bertin
Cameron Bordelon
Mandi Cambre
Rebecca Diaz
Toure Folkes
Ann Glaviano
Michael Glaviano
Melissa Guion
Daniel Jones
Ted Joyner
T. Cole Newton
Kamari Stevens
Angelique Theriot
Curtis Thomas
Scott Tomford
Sarah Arnold Waits
Grant Widmer
Mike Wilkinson
Alex Woodward

Flier designer:
Melissa Guion

Route builders:
Jami Attenberg
Sarah Arnold Waits

Wagon lender:
Steve Glaviano

Wagon puller:
Adam Sekuler

Line keepers / traffic defenders:
Catherine Baines
Jon Butts
Michael Taravella

PA provider:
Emily Conelly

Bell ringer:
Reese Johanson

Photography and videography:
Daniel Jones
Daniel Massimino
Alexander Volberding

Neighborhood parade consultant:

Dance team consultants:
Mandi Cambre
Kacey Hill
Katy Simpson Smith

See the photographs here.