November 24-25, 2015: Phrasework with Michelle Ramos-Burkhart and Brittney Williams

Michelle Ramos-Burkhart is a retired professional ballet dancer, dance instructor, and nationally recognized arts leader. During her twelve-year dance career she trained and performed in her hometown of Denver, CO, with Larry Boyette, Ballet Arts, Colorado Ballet, and Cleo Parker Robinson. She danced with Dance Theater of Harlem in New York and San Diego Festival Ballet before retiring from her ballet career. She also worked in the commercial arena in Los Angeles for several years. She instructed for eight years with Dancenter in Santa Cruz, CA. She has moved from the stage and studio to behind the scenes, where she worked as Executive Director for Ballet Hispanico, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and ran Dance/NYC from 2006-2010. She is an attorney and has recently been appointed as a Trustee of Dance/USA, Washington, DC, and Vice-Chair of the Board for Dancing Grounds, New Orleans, LA. She is thrilled to be back in the studio and joining the vibrant dance community of New Orleans!

Brittney Williams is a dancer, choreographer, and movement coach from New Orleans. Ms. Williams has trained at the Dance Theatre of Harlem Institute and the Ailey School and she has worked with choreographers including Danny Catanach, Monique Moss, Nanette Ladet, Joya Powell, Rebecca Stein, and Eduardo Vilaro. In 2009 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science from Fordham University. She has continued her studies in movement science with the hopes to bridge the gap between the art of dance and the science of movement. In 2012 Ms. Williams returned to her home town of New Orleans where she started teaching for the NORDC/NOBA Center for Dance. In 2013 Ms. Williams created LA Pointe, a blog dedicated to the blossoming New Orleans dance community. In partnership with Dancing Grounds and the blog Dance in NOLA, Ms. Williams co-founded the New Orleans Dance Network, an online resource and non-profit organization created to promote the visibility and viability of dance in the greater New Orleans area. Website:

Tuesday: Contemporary ballet phrasework with Michelle. This class follows the structure of a traditional ballet class but with contemporary music and movement exploration. It incorporates full body coordination and articulation, intricate footwork, improvisational exercises, and musicality. As classical shapes are developed and challenged, students are encouraged to take risks and approach familiar movements in non-traditional ways.
Wednesday: Phrasework – classic jazz with a modern twist – with Brittney.

All classes from 10-1130am at Live Oak Dance (1128 Dublin St) in Riverbend. Drop-in rate is $12. Class cards are available in 10-class increments for $100.