November 3, 10, and 17, 2015: Contemporary Physical Practice with Shannon Stewart

Recently relocated to New Orleans from Seattle, Shannon Stewart creates and tours work for stage and film with collaborator Adam Sekuler. Her work has been supported through numerous awards and residencies, and their films have screened in film festivals around the world.  Shannon has performed nationally and internationally in work by Deborah Hay (Austin), tEEth (Portland), zoe | juniper, salt horse (Seattle), Kathleen Hermesdorf (San Francisco), and many others. As an educator and practitioner, Shannon is interested in tools that help us listen and communicate with our bodies more clearly, gently, and productively.  She works with beginning to professional dancers, including differently abled people and movers living with neurodegenerative disease.  Shannon teaches contemporary technique, improvisation, is certified in Gyrokinesis®, and is a Teaching Artist with the Mark Morris Dance For Parkinson’s program. She is an activist, avid music lover, and writer.

  • Tuesdays (November 3, 10, and 17): Contemporary physical practice with Shannon: structured improv, technical exercises, and phrasework. Shannon’s contemporary classes includes somatic tuning, guided improvisation, technical, cardio and strengthening exercises that allow dancers to increase range of motion, physical capacity and the potential for alternative virtuosities.   Shannon works equally with physical and mental rigor, attention to detail, play and experimentation, and always ends class with phrase work. Her training encompasses classical forms, somatic practices, martial arts and breakdancing.  She is certified in Gyrokinesis® and has trained abroad in Forsythe improvisation, gaga, and CounterTechnique.  Her class aims to create space for sorting through and integrating dancers’ various experiences, trainings, identities, motives, and relationships to their bodies. Shannon will be creating various contemporary performance works for film and stage in New Orleans in 2015-16 and looks forward to meeting collaborators through her classes and shared physical practices.

All classes from 10-1130am at Live Oak Dance (1128 Dublin St) in Riverbend. Drop-in rate is $12. Class cards are available in 10-class increments for $100.